1. TOURS. guided hikes.
  2. SPECIALIZED. BIKE. RENTAL. right in the hotel.
  3. HIKING. At. the. foot. of. the. Dolomites. or. along. the.Carnic. Ridge.
  4. YOGA on the edge of the forest. Every Tuesday and Saturday with Tanja from Yoga Ost.
  5. FITNESS. Partner. studio. 10. minutes. away. by. car.
  6. TENNIS. only. 500m. away. from. the. hotel.
  7. ALPINE. SKIING. Only. 15. minutes. away.
  8. SKI. MOUNTAINEERING. Eldorado. East Tyrol. South Tyrol.
  9. CROSS-COUNTRY. SKIING. Direct. entry. 60km. border-country-trail.